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Sound Visualizer

Raspberry Pi , Microphone, Projection, Processing 3, Whistle 


For many deaf and hard of hearing children and adults, access to the life-transforming technology of Cochlear and Bone Anchored hearing aids and implants remains out of reach considering the deeply complex obstacles to affordable care within our current healthcare systems. Unfortunately, this is just one manifestation of the many ways in which affordable care remains inaccessible to people living with disabilities. In an effort to use visual art as a platform to talk about political policy, Seeing Sound Projects were a series of audiovisual installations, sculpture and performance from 2015-2018 that utilized contemporary art as a catalyst for addressing disability awareness and advocacy within the public sphere.


Born as a response to the ongoing failure of the American healthcare industrial complex towards providing care for with disabilities, this work explores radical ways to recenter public awareness and discourse around accessible healthcare legislature and reform. As we continue to face the troubling bureaucratic and capitalistic divides between healthcare policymakers and those who are affected by those policies, it is my hope that this work prompts political policy change so that people with disabilities will have more affordable access to proper care.



ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Monday, March 14, 2016

"Rendered completely deaf after a swimming accident, Generator's Maker-in-Residence Devin Wilder challenged themself to use emergent technologies to design and build sound visualization tools for the hearing impaired. Working to make sound-driven experiences more inclusive and engaging, Devin is emblematic of the idea of "invention as public service"".

Produced with facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM).

Produced by: 

Rob Koier

Michael Fisher

Lars Hasselblad Torres

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