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Tessellations, 2016

sunlight, projection, monofilament, wood

120" x 144" x 72" (dimensions variable) 






Tessellations :: the covering of an infinite geometric plane without any gaps or overlaps by congruent plane figures of one type or a few types.

This is a Triakis Triangular Tiling, Face Configuration (V3.12.12
In Mathematics, this is called a dual semi-regular tiling of the Euclidean plane.

Performing with their presence, Tessellations were a series of non-permanent and site-specific installations that occupy space as a visual metaphor for the impact that one's perspective has on their understanding of the world around them. Constructed using monofilament and natural or projected light dependent upon the site and time of day, Tessellations transforms familiar and comforting planes of geometric patterns into large scale structures that allows their inlaid 2-dimensional forms to exist in the 3-dimensional space that hosts them. Appearing as something different from every angle the massively immersive installation interrupts our perceptions of space and relativity while challenging its viewers to engage in a physical exchange of intimate, otherworldly and curious exploration of what is and what isn't standing before them. 

August Open House! 🥳

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7 - 9 pm CST 💻

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