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Piñata Kink #1: “bulldog” chest harness and fascinator (worn once) 2021

Brown leather, snap hardware, hot glue, two piñatas: one 1’ dimensional small traditional hanging star and one large 3’ x 3’ traditional standing donkey— both purchased from one of the two last standing historical Latin-owned piñata stores on Cesar Chavez in Austin’s Eastside that my mom *might* have bought our piñatas from when I was a kid growing up in North Austin in the 90's so she didn’t have to take the hour-and-a-half-two-hour drive down the 10 to our family’s neighborhood in Westside San Antonio over by Cupples where we would always get held up and stay too long just trying to get a good piñata, one night out at Coconut Club on Saturday October 2, 2021.

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