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Earth Portal, 2021/22

Native "old-growth" TX Opuntia wild-harvested in situ, earth, rocks, rain, sunlight, fire, cardboard,  shovel, rake, nitrile-lined gloves (1 pair)   


Actualized during my time as a Welcome To My Homepage resident at The Museum of Human Achievement, this ongoing site-specific experiment explores land intervention and non-human collaboration through cross-dimensional performance durational and  video-performance. The product of complex lived experience hybridized with the collective research which continues to define the contested land of Red Bluff Park or La Loma (Hungry Hill) as it has historical and colloquially been referred to by longtime East Austin residents, this monumental Earthwork is also the groundbreaking first in the Double Bloom(er) series.  Situated across designated sites in TX, CA, and MX, this emergent series of liveworks will independently and collectively explore critical and developing themes around place/origin, im/permanence, material/land agency, non-visible ecosystems of care, and  isolation/grief as they continue to be informed by the queer-cirp-latinx personally political experiences that lead to their creation. 

Welcome To My Homepage
Earth Portal Website 


Double Bloom(er) Introductory Text 

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