Being born deaf, queer, and identifying as non-binary, my work manifests from the complex intersections of both inherited and lived experiences. Utilizing a range of conceptually defined materials to construct  transdisciplinarity work at the intersection of installation, new media and performance, these compulsive explorations often act as a visual metaphor for the deconstructive thought processes apparent in the research practices that proceeded their creation. Challenged by the pervasive influence of settler-colonialism, capitalism, and consumerism on daily life, and critical of how those dominant discourses and associations came to be- my research probes academic cannons and marginalized moments in history to uncover tactics capable of shifting these systems of oppression we find ourselves ensnared in. Through the power of re-centering diaspora-informed narratives, oral and non-verbal tradition, ritual, repetition, light, new-words, and illusion, it is my great hope that this forming body of work will provide a vehicle for uncovering and untangling some of the intergenerational histories that simultaneously persist to haunt and evade us today,


Devin Alejandro-Wilder is a Latinx working artist who manipulates research-informed found and fabricated materials and processes to build large-scale sculpture, installation and experiential performance. Since completing their BA from Saint Michael's College in Burlington, VT in 2015 they have received fiscal support from the Shelburne Craft School and Generator Makerspace alongside participating in group shows in both VT and NY. After moving back to their home state of TX in 2019, these days they can be found freelancing as a handler for local galleries, with hands deep in the hot earth, or manifesting new work in stained glass, film, flora and cement, alone, in their studio at the Museum of Human Achievement.


they asked for a self portrait again, 2019