Devin Alejandro-Wilder

Being born deaf, queer, and identifying as non-binary, my work often manifests from the tender and complex intersections of both inherited and lived experiences. Working with whichever objects, materials or media that feels most appropriate to address the concepts at hand, my compulsive exploration is driven by an identity-informed obsession with objects and our relationship to them. Challenged by the pervasive influence of capitalism and consumerism, and critical of the deepest effects those systems have had upon our everyday life, I desire to create work that challenges the public to think critically and abruptly about American society, their individual place in it, and how their actions affect the lives of those around them. While my materials and processes in this political pursuit vary greatly, I often find myself fascinated by the ability of illusion to reveal and the massive power of repetition, sound, pattern, and words as they are spoken, projected, and written down.


Devin Alejandro-Wilder is a Latinx visual working-artist who manipulates a diverse array of interdisciplinary media to build large-scale, non-permanent & often site-specific sculpture and installation. Since completing their BA in Studio Art and English from Saint Michael's College in Burlington, VT in 2015, they have received generous fiscal support from the Shelburne Craft School and Generator Makerspace alongside participating in a number of group shows in VT and NY. During this time they have also supported local contemporary galleries and curatorial collectives such as Burlington City Arts, New City Galerie and the Overnight Projects as a preparator and art handler for exhibiting artists from NYC, LA and locally. Most recently, they were working at Richard Erdman Studios as a studio assistant to receive and prepare large-scale works in marble and bronze from their partner studio in Carrera, Italy. 


Today, they can be found tending to their many plants, pushing their studio practice and criticism, and making new work out of their independent studio in Austin, TX. 




IG: walkingxgenderxreveal