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Fantasma (Dev/in) Scrooger Card, The Revolution Deck

Image ID: a playing card such as that for a fantasy game describes the character "Fantasma" a ghost-like "Scrooger" with team affiliations, a robot dog companion, superpowers, and vulnerabilities. 


Dev, made in collaboration with Alexis Hunter, 2022

Image ID: Dev/in leans against a mint blue trailer outside in the sun dressed in drag makeup wearing a white tank crop top, leopard jacket and tight black jeans, and chains around their neck.



Dev/in Alejandro-Wilder (they/them) is a latinx visual artist and drag performer who moves across new media, performance, and lens-based practices to haunt, inquire, investigate, and confront the beliefs and systems we exist entangled within. Deaf, queer, and non-binary their work explores themes orbiting around in/visbility, “performance”, non-human collaboration, “hyper-labor”, and the false binary between care/harm. As a studio member at the Museum of Human Achievement, they are also a participant in The Revolution School: Operation Scrooge and League of Superheroes (Los Angeles), the founder of the virtual/IRL free skool initiative Free Skool Now, and most recently accepted a 2022 Creative Capital award in collaboration with The Revolution School in support of our ongoing trauma-processing AI companion project My Little BEI 🤖🐱.



Since completing their BA in 2015 Alejandro-Wilder has received generous fiscal and in-kind support from the Creative Capital Foundation, Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin, The Museum of Human Achievement, Shelburne Craft School, Austin Mutual Aid, and Generator Makerspace in the form of awards, residencies, fiscal sponsorship, honorariums, and educational scholarship. They have also been featured as a contributor for the art books and art and literary magazines, Psst Press (photography, writing, 2022), Land Chapters (photography, painting, print, 2021), Tele- (installation/film, essay, web, 2019), and peach fuzz (photography, print, 2020).  Most recently, their collective contribution to The Mind’s Eye: A LACMA Poster Project, titled ND Time Bandits: Co-adventures in Reshaping Time and made in collaboration with The Revolution School, has been acquired into the LACMA’s permanent collection for archival care.


Devin Alejandro-Wilder (arm on tree), made in collaboration with Begin Collective, riel and Bianca Sturchio, July 2021

Image ID: Devin stands outside in speckled sunlight in front of a tree with their right arm and hand loosely resting on a tree branch behind them. They are wearing a white tank top and jeans.

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